Old Age Blues

By Dr.M.J.Reddy Phd

Every age has its own merits and demerits. It is how one manages it. People fear old age and make it more miserable. The first panacea is to have liquid cash in the old mans bank. Financial stress makes any old man unhappy and out of joint. As a matter of fact the financial deficiency upsets, depresses any one at any age. If one can manage to keep the funds in ones reach, a great relief is there

Old age next problem is bad health. if one can spend some money for ones medical care, life would go on. Immediate attention for medical care should be there. Regular health check ups and light body exercise like walking in morning and evening goes a long way in keeping the body active and healthy. A nurse is helpful to take care is always desirable. This makes the old person feel that there is some one to take care of, let it be a poor relative or a service minded care taking nurse.

Old people need a clean, neat place with lot of plants around at least one room and a sit out fully furnished and kept hygienically, cleanliness is the watch ward. In old age affection and companionship plays an important role. Some one should be their to say a pleasant word. Psychologically one should feel that their is some one to love and to take care constantly. old people suffer because they are not easily satisfied with the care and the concern they get. They always feel that it is inadequacy even after being taken care and forget that their children have their own life and problems to face. They often feel the whole world is against there existence and want to die as early as possible instead of changing their attitude towards there own family and their inability to satisfy every Whim and fancy of his. it is very true that one's mind can make a hell of a heaven or vice versa. One has to sit and plan seriously to circumvent this thinking and blame everyone else for they do not entertain right attitude

Old people do want to enjoy life without any ones control over them and at the same time demand care and concern from the family members. It is unfortunate they make mountains out of moles and create unrest in the family. One can see the number of old age homes where old age people are forced to stay by their unhappy family members. Though they do not want them to stay away from the family for their own satisfaction, they stay in such homes. Can the old age homes provide what all they want? No! they adjust their lifestyle to what little they can provide.

Old age has physical, social and Psychological problems. Medically they should be taken care of in society they are unwanted. They retire them and the very word retirement lodges a terrible fear in the minds of old people that they have become old and are useless people. The word retirement should be taken out ones life. One should do something or other or continue to do whatever one was doing, occupy oneself doing something till death derails him and puts a stop to all activity. How to organize old age is simple. It is the second childhood, we care our children and give them what all they need and watch them every moment. Old people need all such care, Love, concern and as we fulfill every wish of our children we need the old people should be taken care with all the love for they deserve all that, as our children do.

A word for old people doesn’t ever think that you are old. Do what all you can and feel active. If you have health problems don't neglect list all your needs and see how many of them can be achieved with a smile or else find alternatives for them and every problem has a solution and analyze all that you expect from others.

Old people should think of God and a spiritual life finally. Go to temple and meditate. Keep your mind away from hatred think positively. Excuse every other selfish fellow and you be large hearted. No one will be able to help you totally and you need not compromise but find an amicable way out. As one should conclude one’s essay so also one should be ready to conclude life's saga. be happy about your achievements. They may not be very big. What little you contributed is good enough. be satisfied. Don't blame any one your misery. You manage it now, start a fresh to make the little time left at your disposal.

Keep your health in good shape; smile and share organize your life afresh. There is nothing impossible. There should be a strong will to do. Every thing will fall in line if you ones decide. Don’t ever think you are only the unfortunate person. get away from unpleasant places and people. Don't get hurt by anyone nor hurt any one, see peace dawns on you. God smiles when you leave the way he wants. You too live. When desires die there is no unhappiness, so reduce your wants to the minimum. Old age becomes splendid and livable.