The longevity of our citizens has improved over the past decades leading this to a vast increase in the number of people aged 60 and more. The break down of the traditional family system, migration of the children to seek greener pastures with in the country and abroad and the common tendency of the younger generation to lead independent lives with their own nuclear families have brought immense pressures on the age old values of the Indian society .It is becoming day by day that the elderly people have to defend for themselves, which they should be able to do with dignity, honor and with out loss of pride. to enable senior citizens to lead a happy living in their twilight years a Welfare association for the elders was formed and registered as a service society to focus on providing Health, Assistance and Solace to the elderly.

Appreciating the efforts of the "Association" two kind hearted persons sensitive to the problems of the elderly, Kumari Dharanipragada Seetha Rajyalakshmi and Kumari Komanduri Seshashanthi of Hyderabad, magnanimously donated 500 Sq yards of land at Rampally village and 983 Sq yards of land at Keesaragutta of RR District respectively. The Elders Association acknowledges there munificence gratefully which actually paved the way for planning bigger programs to the welfare of the Senior citizens. The donation of land at Rampally Village lead to the construction of the elders home ( Vanaprasthasharamam).

The Vanaprasthasharamam at Rampally village has been named as Vruddhula Sevasramam, with plan for two floors totaling 7200 Sq ft. the building will provide comfortable accommodation to 44 Senior Citizens, is well connected by road and is equipped to provide Nutritious vegetarian food, potable water, electricity, Health care and recreation.

The Association seeks to strive for the welfare of the Senior Citizens who are considered as jewels in the countries crown to lead decent life against all odds and their contribution to preserve the culture, traditions and wealth of our mother land.